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Bernard Rangel is a self-taught artist painting for more than 37 years. His surreal work is a new avenue departing from the established artists such as Miro, Matisse and Max Ernst: it is both creative and visceral. Named "Contemporary Tribal Surrealism" it reflects the Global Village of the 21st century. The lines of his work, both in design and colour are creative, coherent, consistent, original and unique, It all springs forth from a source that is intriguing, his cultural background. The lines of tribal simplicity are fused in solid and amusing lines. In particular when the viewer just looks at the different colour fields the work takes on other dimensions. Bernard has lived in 8 different countries: in both hemispheres and on either side of the globe. Now based in London he explores new ways of presenting his images to a wider audience. His present work can be seen on smartphone protectors.